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Your Message, Your Voice:  Ross has been training professionals and ordinary folk for over 20 years in the important aspects of clarifying and expressing the message they have for others. He can help you or your group do the same.

Courageous Leadership in Times of Change: Leadership is always challenging and always needs leaders who are equipped with the skills and attitudes to weather the journey. 

Your Life, Your Time: We all have the same number of hours in a day -- learn the techniques that make the most of yours so that you can accomplish what you are here to do.

Governance: Getting the Right People in the Right Place:​ In this time of rapid and constant change, governance is more than simply names on an organizational chart. It is a key component of recognizing and implementing your dreams.

Fall Foliage

Coaching- Ross helped our congregation through a visioning process. With his wealth of wisdom and experience, he helped us see in a positive light all that we were already doing and that it connected to the mission and ministry to which we are called.  Rev. P K, HRM

Ross has also assisted me as a coach in helping me to guide congregations towards positive changes needed for truth growth. He was always right on what would work and the pitfalls that lied ahead. I have continued to use this training by incorporating into my work when I work with other churches on projects.  A.D., Dartmouth

My Services: Services

Over the years Ross has spoken to thousands of people in large groups and small about a wide range of subjects impacting the human experience.  Plus, as a teacher, he has spent countless hours helping both professionals and regular folks Fan the Flame of the gifts within them.  He strongly believes that the journey towards greater wholeness, fulfillment, and achieving our dreams begins within when we give ourselves permission to believe and to do.

Ross tells stories, combined with the latest research and humour so people can laugh and learn, be inspired and equipped to Fan their Flame .

Possible Topics

Showing the you, you hide: Inside each one of us there is the spark of what we were put on this earth to accomplish. Many of us have never heard that truth or accepted its connection to our lives. Experience how stories, the latest research, humour and gentle invitation can bring your group alive.

Leadership for today: Be inspired to understand how today's complex web of forces and influences allows those with courage to be more than they imagined and their organizations to achieve beyond their dreams.

The Power of the Right Questions: Success today belongs to those who ask the right questions.  What are yours? How can they change your organization from the inside out?

Happy Hiking

As a speaker, Ross brings keen insight and patient wisdom to the issues that a group is facing. He is great at clarifying what is at stake, what matters, and what the next steps could be."

Dr. Rob Fennell, Dean,

Atlantic School of Theology


As a speaker, Ross is well prepared, insightful, concise, relevant and inspiring with a tone that faithfully combines the prophetic and pastoral. Rev. J.B., Halifax

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