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On Holy Ground (Wipf and Stock, 2017) is a workbook for pilgrims and explorers on the road of faith who wish to understand their own story and how to share it with others.

Excerpt bartlett_15726_excerpt.pdf
Used with Permission of Wipf and Stock Publisher

Introduction: You the Pilgrim
Chapter 1: You the Theologian
            Exercise 1: The Faith Life Line
            Exercise 2: The Windmill
                        Diagram 1:  The Windmill Model of Reflection
            Exercise 3: Reflecting on Current Events
                        Table 1: Some Big Questions
            Exercise 4: From Reflection to Action
                        Table 2: Exercising our Choices
                        Diagram 2: The Wesley Quadrilateral
Chapter 2: You the Story Teller
                        Diagram 3: The Pyramid of “Truth”
            Exercise 5: Story Telling
            Exercise 6: Sharing our Faith Stories with Others
                        Diagram 4: The Household of Faith
Chapter 3: You the Faith Sharer
            Exercise 7: Understanding Responses to Faith Stories
                        Table 2: Four Responses to Faith Stories
            Exercise 8: Entering the Conversation
            Exercise 9: Practicing the Conversation
Chapter 4: You the Faith-Sharing Community
            Exercise 10: Building Community Faith Sharing

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