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View of Meditation Garden

Fan The Spark Within You

"Within each of us are the embers of the flame of what we are truly meant to be. Sometimes we need a companion to help us figure out what that looks like for us.. That's where a coach or companion can help. A unique one-on-one or group relationship where you are the focus, as you move from where you are to where you are meant to be. Each coaching package is customized to your needs.  It's an empowering, energizing, equipping and fun experience.

Spiritual companioning is focused on helping understand the spiritual aspects of our lives so that we can become more attuned to them. It's certainly neither indoctrination nor conversion and it doesn't imply a particular faith tradition or experience. 

Or perhaps you're seeking a speaker or a program for yourself or your group, that will affirm them and motivate them to do all they were meant to do.

Sat on the Rocks

"Ross has an amazing ability to observe, listen to  and understand how an organization is functioning. He also has a skilled and empathetic capacity to coach a person within an organization to help them appreciate how to work within it to facilitate positive change. These two capabilities in tandem make him an effective and wonderful coach."

Opportunities and Services

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